GreenPro Synergy Network Members' Principles

GreenPro Synergy Network’s members (included all the members, local members, China and oversea members) and certified partners are required to follow the regulations as the guidance of the daily conducts.

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1: The association is named as: GreenPro Synergy Network

Article 2: The principle of GreenPro Synergy Network is: To assist the members to develop and expand their networking and service areas through the current network platform with the members’ current professional knowledge and experience as the foundation. By utilizing the GreenPro Synergy Network online platform, the members will synchronize between each other to share the resources and professional information and directly increase the opportunity to connect with the international capital. At the same time, GreenPro Synergy Network supports and promotes the collaboration and cooperation between members with other associations and professional organizations to enhance the overall operation and management level of the corporate. To achieve the mutual benefit between members and create the win-win situation.

Article 3: This principle created to as the guidance for all the members to understand their obligations, at the same time    to protect their rights to join or exit the association.

Article 4: This principle applies to all GreenPro Synergy Network members.

Chapter 2 Membership

Article 5: The association’s members included corporate member, individual member, black gold member, and platinum member.

Article 6: The eligibility criteria to become the association’s member:

Any corporate or individual that conducts business all around the word, agreed with the “members’ regulations”, voluntary applied to join as members, is able to become the member after the approval.

Article 7: Membership Application Process:

1. The applicant receives the “Members’ Regulation” from the GreenPro Synergy Network secretarial department (through collecting in office, postage, email, download from website, or photocopy).

2. The applicant fills in the membership application form (deemed to have been aware of the full text of “Members’ Regulations), signs the membership agreement and pass all the documents together with the membership fees to the association’s administrator (through postage, email, cash or bank in).

3. The association’s administrator issues the payment receipt to the applicant(n behalf of the membership application receipt ).

4. The association’s administrator will transfer the applicant’s application to the association’s secretary to get the approval (the association will refund to the applicant if the application is rejected).

5. The association’s administrator will transfer the applicant’s application to the managing director to get the second approval. (the association will refund to the applicant if the application is rejected).

6. The association’s administrator records the applicant’s personal profile and prepare relevant documents.

7. The vice managing director represents the board of directors to issue the certification from GreenPro Capital Corp or from the association and the membership card to the applicant (through on the spot or postage).

8. The registration flow had done; the applicant is officially the member of GreenPro Synergy Network.

Chapter 3 Members’ Rights and Obligations

Article 8: Members shall enjoy the following rights:

1. The rights to raise up the issue that common concerned by the corporation, industry and community and raise the strategic recommendation to the association.

2. The rights to participate the events that organized by the association;

3. The priority to collect the information;

4. The criticism of our work Suggestions and supervision;

5. Voluntary membership and refund will be free.

Article 9: Members perform the following obligations:

1. Members must abide all the provisions prescribed in the “Members’ Regulations”. Members will receive the documents after they join the association.

2. GreenPro Synergy Network expects the members to uphold the high level of professional conducts and remains the reputation and reliability when contacts with the governments, officers, public, corporations and other organizations or associations.

3. GreenPro Synergy Network should avoid to involve into any illegal activity. Every member (in every country) should understand the legal standards and restrictions that applicable in the particular country or location.

4. GreenPro Synergy Network expects all the members to agree with the missions, which is to accelerate, represent and protect the benefit of GreenPro Synergy Network, at the same time transform into the representative of the association with the good reputation and avoid to damage the reputation of the GreenPro Synergy Network.

5. GreenPro Synergy Network’s members should not participate in any activities or conducts that damaged the principle or the benefit of the association. Any conducts on spreading rumours, defamation on members, directors and officers which affects the harmonious of the association will be cancelled the membership and any position in the association through the decision of the board of director.


And Here We Are…

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