Members' Regulation

1. The membership fees that payable by members, shall be accounted in USD, which the amount may be amended by the association.

2. Any application to join the association, the applicant is required to fill up the application form and effective as the  member after the approval from the directors. Any payment shall be made within 7 days upon the receiving of the notification from the association by the applicant. If the payment is overdue, the application will be treated as forgone   by the applicant.

3. All the members are eligible to attend the annual general meeting but the entitlement will be different for different level    of members.

4. The membership will be cancelled based on the facts in the following circumstances:

Serious violation on the relevant regulations and provisions that stated in “Member’s Regulations”;

75% of the members and the board of director passed the resolution to cancel the membership

The member proposes the withdrawal of the membership through writing.

5. The black card members allow to transfer into corporate or individual member by getting the approval of the board of director and pay the additional membership fees.

6. Any request from members to change the name of the application is required to get the approval from the board of director.

7. GreenPro Synergy Network’s members should not participate in any activities or conducts that damaged the principle or the benefit of the association. Any conducts on spreading rumours, defamation on members, directors and officers which affects the harmonious of the association will be cancelled the membership and any position in the association through the decision of the board of director.


And Here We Are…

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